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An energetic, fun style of dance with unique moves, fancy footwork, leaps and quick turns.  Jazz classes start with a thorough warm-up including stretching exercises and isolation movements.  Jazz steps include basic turns – chaines, piques, priouettes, jazz turns and some ballet turns. Leaps include grande jettes, turning jumps and tour jettes.


An elegant form of dance based on techniques developed over centuries.  Ballet uses music and dance to tell a story. It is a graceful form of dance as dancers strive to appear tall and light on their feet. 

Rockstudios offers the opportunity to study Grade level ballet to meet Royal Academy of Dance syllabus requirements and to undertake RAD exams if the student is interested.  (see RAD tab)


A style which encourages dancers to use their emotions and moods to shape steps and routines.  It is a more relaxed, free style of dancing than ballet.


An expressive dance style combining elements from modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet.  It is characterized by fluid movement.  Contemporary stresses versatility and improvisation.


A form of dance characterized by the use of sound produced by tap shoes hitting the floor – the shoe is a percussion instrument.  The shoes have metal on the heel and toe to produce the distinctive “tap” sound.

Tap dancers use their feet to produce rhythmic patterns and beats.  Tap is vigorous, building aerobic fitness and muscle control.  Basic steps include brush, shuffle, flap and ball change.

Hip Hop

A street style, primarily performed to music which has evolved from the hip hop culture.  Styles include breaking, popping and locking.  Breaking has foundational dance moves – toprock which is footwork oriented, and downrock – footwork with hands and feet on the floor.

Locking involves a move known as “lock” similar to a freeze or sudden pause.  Popping is a technique involving quick contraction and relaxing of muscles to create movement.  It is often integrated with floating, gliding and sliding.

Hip Hop dance steps require skill and experience to master.

Acro dance

Combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is athletic character, and has unique choreography, seamlessly blending dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context. This is a popular dance style in amateur competitive dance as well as in professional dance. In this class students will learn tumbling, handstands and flips. Acro improves flexibility and is a lot of fun!

Musical Theatre

A chance to combine drama, dance and singing – a great opportunity to skill build in these areas of performance.