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RAD Ballet

Each of Rockstudios Grade Ballet class follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus. Opportunities are given for all ballet students to complete their ballet exams, with an external examiner and certificates awarded by the RAD. Exams are not compulsory for ballet students, but all students are encouraged to undertake exams as they provide the class with a common goal and allows for clear progression through the RAD grades.

Undertaking exams is beneficial for the students as it extends their technical and performance abilities, challenging them to continually grow and strengthen their dance ability in classical ballet.

For students to be able to undertake exams attendance at two ballet classes per week is required for those who wish to sit RAD exams. Compulsory for exam students is a July holiday workshop (second week).  This involves 2 hour classes with Miss Aimee and possibly a guest teacher, rehearsal with exam pianist, exam studio rehearsal plus one ½ hour private session per student, and is vital preparation for the exam process.

En Pointe

Pointe training is either incorporated in Grade classes, or taught in specialist classes, at the discretion of the teacher for students who have undertaken ballet twice a week for at least a year. Age and ability are also taken into consideration for safety purposes. This opportunity is offered on an invitation basis to those students ready to go en pointe. Continuing attendance at twice weekly ballet classes at the relevant grade level also essential. Flat shoes used initially to allow strengthening of feet and ankles in preparation.